Artist Development

At Annex Audio, we want Artists to be knowledgeable about the musical process. We recognize that not all Artists can conduct all the activities in the process on their own, so we want them to be informed partners through all steps of the process so they keep creative control over their vision.

Annex Audio Artists’ Link:

Intellectual Property and Artist Royalties (aka Getting Paid)
There are four things every artist should do to protect their work and get paid:

  1. Copyright their work
  2. Get a distribution deal in place
  3. Track their musical plays
  4. Register with performing rights organizations

If you don’t know how, we can teach you or do it for you. Either way, we’ll help you get set up. Contact us!

Kick-Start Your Music
If you need funds to finance your musical vision, Annex Audio will help you get set up with:

  • Kickstarter, the world’s largest funding platform for creative projects
  • Canada Music Fund, which seeks to strengthen the Canadian sound recording industry “from creator to audience”
  • Canada Council for the Arts (CCA)
    , a national arm’s-length agency fosters the development of the arts in Canada through grants, services and awards to professional Canadian artists and arts organizations