Music Services

We offer “Major Label Quality at Independent Prices”

Check out the before and after:

BlueWomanBedTrkCD Before AnnexAudio

BlueWoman After AnnexAudio’s Digital Restoration (Mastering)

Annex Audio provides services to support Artists and other Clients through all three phases of the musical process: Pre-Production, Production, and Distribution.

Pre-production is the first stage in the musical process. It’s everything you need to consider to be fully prepared for a good recording ranging from songwriting to rehearsing to be recording ready.  If you have a good performance during recording, the rest of your production will sound great, run smoothly, and be successful.  Don’t leave it up to chance. Just remember: Garbage In, Garbage Out!

Production includes Recording, Mixing, and Mastering. This will ultimately forge your sound. At the end of the production step you will have a “final master” ready for reproduction.

Includes duplication, Internet, website, video, copyright, collecting royalties, and much more. Today with the giant shift in the music industry, artists/clients are able to distribute world wide independently.

Activity Description Cost
Disc in a Day
  • 3 Song Recording
  • 4-5 Piece Band (Off The Floor)
  • Mixed
  • Mastered
  • Mobile Services included in the GTA
$799.00 (Tax Included)Includes Studio/Mobile & Engineer
All Other Services
  • Consulting
  • Co-creating/Beat Creation
  • Recording/Mobile Recording
  • Mixing
  • Mastering
  • Distribution
  • Video
  • Voice-over
  • Instruction
$75/hr. (Tax Included)Includes Studio & EngineerCosts vary and we can work with any budget, call to discuss.